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You Can See the Sun in Late December

6.5 minutes | 2010 I 16mm + HD

Beautiful emptiness, anguish and calm, absence rendered visible and present in the winter light, all intensified by the damned (non) question of motherhood. We feel fine. Or do we?


World Premiere, Moving Frames Festival, Mytilene, Greece 
ADA Gallery, Richmond, Afraid of Everything, Solo Exhibition
Sheehan Gallery, Whitman College, Written in Light: Meditations on the Moving Image, Group Exhibition

Festival Images Contre Nature, Marseille, France       

Experiments in Cinema, Albuquerque
Anthology Film Archives, NYC

Seoul Digital Media Festival, Korea

DOC Atlantic, Halifax, Nova Scotia

Ann Arbor Film Festival

Portland Women’s Film Festival, OR
Big Muddy Film Festival

Pacific University
Visible Evidence XXIX, Udine, IT (2023)

Included on the Kid on Hip DVD anthology





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