68 minutes | 1998 I 16mm

"Whipped provides insight into the dynamics of domination and submission, and ultimately the themes of fear and intimacy, identity and fantasy, and desire for love."  – Sally Berger, MoMA

Whipped is a sly, intimate look inside the dungeons, beach homes and real lives of three NYC dominatrixes filmed over four years. Featuring New York in all its pre-9/11  glory, Whipped is a '90s relationship movie (of sorts) that takes it audience on a journey to the borderlands between flamboyant public performance and the elusive realm of private fantasy. 



Screenings:                                                                                                               Press:                                      

World Premiere, Philadelphia Festival of World Cinema                                     Variety

Florida Film Festival                                                                                                 Orlando Weekly

Cinequest, San Jose, CA                                                                                         Chicago Reader

Chicago Underground Film Festival

Real Art Ways, Contemporary Art Center, Hartford, CT
Anthology Film Archives, NYC
San Francisco, Berlin & Beyond Festival, Point Arena, CA

2001  Boston Underground Film Festival

Clair-Obscur Filmfestival, Basel, Switzerland

Louisville Film & Video Festival
Denver Underground Film Festival

New Orleans Film Festival

Film Studies Center, University of Chicago (Artist Retrospective 2008)

U.S. broadcast on the Sundance Channel, August-December 2003


Selected for the first ever Sundance Producers Conference, 1998                 



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