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Ashes of Roses screens this summer in Dallas and as part of a two night retrospective in Mexico City at the Fisura Festival Internacional de Cine Experimental, July 5th and 6th at the Centro de Cultura Digital.  Also at Fisura is the premiere of my my new animated short, Ghost Protists.  Upcoming, Fragile (2022) screens in the curated series Gravitational Lensing.

Garry Winogrand Archive 1948-1984, a book collaboration with photographer and writer Jeffrey Ladd, is moving into production with D.A.P.  It presents for the first time hundreds of previously unseen photographs by Winogrand, and emerges out of extensive research into his archive during the making of the Winogrand documentary

In April 2024, Kembrew McLeod and I spent a few days filming with Bibbe Hansen and Sean Carrillo for a doc in development – The Hansen Family.























In November 2023, Pieshake filmed the first interview for a feature documentary on poet Mary Oliver - with filmmaker John Waters.  We are headed into production with support from the National Endowment for the Humanities in fall 2024.

Bibbe Hansen performing with Gushy in Hudson, NY

Production still by Janelle Proulx, Departure Point Films 


Still from Ashes of Roses (2023)

2024 Screenings + Events

Oak Cliff Film Festival
June 22nd @ 3:30pm, Texas Theatre

Ashes of Roses

American Woman: Feminist Futures

Hera Gallery, Wakefield, RI

Respiration (as a looping installation)

May 11 - June 15, 2024

Fisura Festival Internacional de Cine Experimental 
Centro de Cultura Digital, Mexico City

Ashes of Roses and more! 

July 2024

"We Are About to Commit a Felony" screened as part of the Abortion Clinic Film Collective event at Other Cinema, San Francisco and AGX in Boston, Spring 2024





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