Garry Winogrand: All Things are Photographable

90 minutes | 2018

“A sumptuous collection of Garry Winogrand’s iconic photos do the storytelling…“ – Film Threat

Garry Winogrand: All Things are Photographable is the first documentary film on the life and work of acclaimed photographer Garry Winogrand.‚Äč Decades before digital technology transformed how we make and see pictures, Garry Winogrand made hundreds of thousands of them. When he died suddenly at age 56, Winogrand left behind more than 10,000 rolls of film – more than a quarter of a million pictures! These images capture a bygone era: the New York of Mad Men and the early years of the Women’s Movement, the birth of American suburbs, and the glamour and alienation of Hollywood. Forged by his  own words and images, Garry Winogrand: All Things are Photographable is a stunningly intimate portrait of a man who both personified his era and transformed it. 


Chekhov for Children

72 minutes | 2010

Chekhov for Children tells the inspiring story of the 1979 staging on Broadway of Uncle Vanya by New York City 5th & 6th graders, directed by the celebrated writer Phillip Lopate. Using a wealth of never-before-screened student videos and dramatic super 8mm films from the era, Chekhov for Children explores the interplay between art and life for a dozen friends across 30 years.

World premiere: Telluride Film Festival
premiere: Rotterdam  International Film Festival


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Razing Appalachia

54 minutes | 2003

In the misty folds of the Appalachian mountains lies Pigeonroost hollow, in Blair, West Virginia. With its narrow creek and crawdads, its wild ginseng and raccoons, Pigeonroost looks as it might have a century ago – a woody haven tucked away from the marches of time and technology.  But for how long? And at what price? In May 1998, Arch Coal announced it would expand its Dal-Tex strip mine just above the small town of Blair.


"Quietly heartbreaking..."            
– Mother Jones


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This American Gothic

63 minutes | 2008

"In the spirit of documentary filmmaker Errol Morris who gave us Gates of Heaven in 1978 comes This American Gothic. Like Morris, Waters Freyer has captured with humor, local dialogue, and credible references, the persona of small-town America."          

  – Santa Fe New Mexican


World premiere: Sidewalk Moving Picture Festival
International premiere: Biografilm, Bologna, Italy

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63 minutes | 1998

Whipped is a sly, intimate look inside the dungeons, beach homes and real lives of three NYC dominatrixes filmed over four years. Featuring New York in all its pre-9/11  glory, Whipped is a “relationship movie” from that era that takes it audience on a journey to the borderlands between flamboyant public performance and the elusive realm of private fantasy. 


"Whipped provides insight into the dynamics of domination and submission, and ultimately the themes of fear and intimacy, identity and fantasy, and desire for love."

           – Sally Berger, Museum of Modern Art




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