4.5 minutes | 2019

An experimental, feminist meditation on river naiads and backyard deities; nothing noticed is lonely. From inspiration to expiration, breathing is the only work to be enacted now.  Respiration is a 16mm collage of ephemeral film imagery (medical education and home movies) optically reprinted frame-by-frame, and original 16mm footage shot on a wind-up Bolex of domestic and natural worlds. 

dragons & seraphim

14 minutes | 2017

Ancient flowers and animal desire. The past rises up –

a mirage, but I can't bury it deep enough.  Fever season

of magic, madness: adolescence.  It's their turn now,

our willing sacrifice.  Sound design by Stephen  Vitiello; 

poem "Childless" by Michael Morse.



Our Summer Made Her Light Escape

4.5 minutes | 2012

A wordless portrait of interiority, maternal ambivalence and the passage of time.  


US premiere: Museum of the Moving Image, NYC

Int'l Premiere: WNDX Winnipeg Festival of the Moving Image

Senses of Cinema World Poll, 2013






You Can See the Sun in Late December

6.5 minutes | 2010

Beautiful emptiness, anguish and calm.  Absence rendered visible and traces of presence in winter light.


World premiere: Moving Franes Festival, Mytilene, Greece
US premiere:
Anthology Film Archives

Included on the Kid on Hip DVD anthology



The Waiting Time

17  minutes | 2005

A thinking woman's sex education film that explores desire, conception and the long waiting time of gestation.


Shortlisted for the MediaCity UK Birth Rites

Bi-annual Award, 2015


Audience Award, San Diego Women's Film Festival

Ann Arbor Film Festival and Tour, 2005



Garden of Stone

4 minutes | 2015

A kaleidoscope of sights and sounds from Noto, Sicily, known as the Garden of Stone in honor of its baroque architecture – here the backdrop to daily tourist trade in a small Italian town. 




Burn Out the Day

4 minutes | 2014

The passing of a decrepit totality; wounds and traces left by fire and light as an abandoned home burns to the ground. Mute observers and memory fragments remain. The pleasures and terrors of rural domestic comfort.  


US premiere:  52nd Ann Arbor Film Festival, 2014

Int'l Premiere: Havana Film Festival, Dec. 2014




Her Heart is Washed in Water

and then Weighed

13 minutes | 2006

Subtle juxtapositions evoke parallels between static monuments and living families to suggest what is lost to time and age.

World premiere: Tribeca Film Festival

Included on the Festival of (in)appropriation DVD anthology


This Existence is Material

10 minutes | 2003

Two tales - one of an unlikely friendship between an elderly male writer and a young female filmmaker, the other of a poet who flies to Rome to incite an uprising against fascism in the 1930s.

 In Esperanto with English subtitles. 

Second Prize, Onion City Experimental Film Festival, 2003


 pieshake pictures